On hover out, and 2nd click animations appear before hover, and 1st click

Hello there,

There is a few things that is weird with the animations on this site:

#1 the toggle button shows hovered effect when first landed in the page (located at top right corner). Only when the mouse is hovered, then move away, it will return to it’s default state (grey color)

#2 The first click on the toggle button doesn’t work. Have to click it a second time for the animation to start.

#3 the animation of the toggle button changes the background and font color of the webpage. But when the webpage first opens, it shows the already changed color(white bg with black text) when first landed on the site instead of the default settings (black bg with white text)

#4… horizontal scroll stopped working after I added the toggle button. I followed the webflow tutorial on setting it up. but unfortunately, the camera layer refuse to stick to the top of the screen.

Thank you to anyone who reads this.

Here is my public share link: