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On Hover, Button appears on top of map to go to Google Maps

I was looking to have a map where as a user hovers over it, a button appears which redirects the user to Google Maps on the website. I am having trouble nesting things and making the transitions happen. Does anyone know how to do this?

Here is my public share link:
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Hello @beathoven,

It is how I would accomplish this:

  1. create div (“map-wrapper”), give it position: relative, style block exactly like you styled map;
  2. put map inside the link-block , remove previous styling, give position: absolute, aligning: full;
  3. add link-block inside the div (“map-link”), style the same way like new style for map, BUT with higher z-index.

Now to link you can add any url you want. Hover state you will have to style for link now, not for map.


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