On binding, elements jump out of position

On editing a cms collection template page, when I bind elements to specific fields, they sometimes jump up to the top of the page.

In the navigator they are still shown in their normal position, but visually they become invisible but are indicated to be on the upper left corner.

This happens regardless of the container, div-block, whatever… the element is placed inside of.

I would appreciate any hints or workarounds.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Please can you share your Read-Only link so we can have a look?


Here it is:

I replied almost immediately on the forum, but it seems it was too fast and flagged as possible spam. :frowning: Here you go…


Any ideas on what might be happening or how I can work around this?


I recorded a video showing what is happening. I cant make any progress in my project as all pages I need to work on now have data bound items. Im sure it must be something simple, but I would appreciate any help or tips.controls jump off the screen when bound to collection fields


Just looking over it all now. I can’t save one of your collection items to test this out, but have you tried pasting the video link to the URL field instead of the Insight Origin URL field? As when you link the video to a field, that’s the field it links to.

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