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Offsets and Rate Limits

Hello, I have 312 pieces of content that I want to fix the date on. But I can only seem to grab the first 100, and I notice that there is a limit of 100. Even when I set offsets, I still seem to be grabbing the same set of data. I think I’m missing something.

Here’s the code I’m running:

My thinking is that offset=1 is the first 1-100 items, and offset=2 is the second 101-200 items, etc. But that does not seem to be the case.

I also keep hitting the rate limit, which makes it a real pain to debug. Any tips on how to slow down the process to <60 calls per minute? Besides manually chunking the formula.

I am also using Google Scripts which times out at 300 seconds, so I can only run five automated chunks before it times out.


I know this is an old post but I figured I’d update it in case others are are googling the answer like I was.

The offset is the starting point of the request. So if you want to retrieve 5 items at a time you’d use limit=5&offset=0 to retrieve items 0-4 and then limit=5&offset=5 to retrieve items 5-9.

I worked around the rate limit by setting up a reverse proxy to the webflow API which caches results so that repeat requests are served from the proxies cache rather than hitting the webflow API. Unfortunately you’re still limited to 6000 results per minute.