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Not rescaling for mobile and tablet?

Is there something I need to do to have the published site rescale for other types of viewing devices?

When i try to view it on tablet or something like that everything is jumbled together. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, there are different viewports for the site that you can check how your site looks for different devices. Does your site look normal in preview mode? You can click on the different device views on left hand side of window:

You can also share your public view link by going to site settings and pasting the link to your project, and the friendly members of the forum can help to check your site to see if there is some issue… Generally speaking, you should design from the desktop view and then check your site on each device view and verify that your site is resizing the way you want it to.

All changes cascade downward from the desktop view, so that if you make a change in tablet view, those changes only affect from tablet view downward to next smaller dimension…same thing with mobile views…