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Not Linking to right section position on the page

Hi Guys,

I have created a typical nav bar that points to some sections on the same page. All is good up to this point.

I have extracted the site and right after the body tag added a div that is a container of everything (it is needed for some other processing).

<div data-ng-app="MyApp" data-ng-controller="MyAppController">
    --start of webflow generated divs--
    --end of webflow generated divs--

My modified page can be seen here - Click on the ‘FAQ’ on the nav bar. You will see that it scrolls a bit too far and FAQ header is actually behind the nav bar.

Doing this has caused the linking to not link to the exact vertical start position - seems like there is an offset of ~200px. I am not a CSS expert, can someone please help?
Screenshot of before and after adding the container div


Hi @matrix, I would suggest to wrap your navbar in a section, and make the section a type of Header. Then put your navbar into that section, re-export and check it again :smile:

To get the navscrolling to work correct, there should be a header tag defined in the page :smile:

Try that and then let me know if any questions. We can assist with the design in Webflow, so make sure to include the read-only link:


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