Not giving me any warm fuzzies

A friend referred me to webflow. Went to selected enroll. Got a blank screen. Chrome on Android. Switched to Firefox on Android, this time I see an option to enter an email and use Google Oauth. Selected the latter, logged into Google and gave permission to the website. Took me back to the enroll dialog. Same two options. Over and over again.

Went to banner at the bottom says “Made in webflow”. Clicked on the Contact support button on the page ( Nothing. Obviously since it’s the same url as the web page.

Absolutely horrible first impression.

Welcome to the community @Milind.

Depending on when you tried to access the site, you may have dealt with the massive AWS outage that happened yesterday:

Obviously your first impression—regardless of why it happened—is not representative of how the site should load or perform.

If the issue was not during the outage, are you still having trouble loading these pages? Do you experience the same thing in incognito with all extensions disabled? How about other browsers?

I can’t seem to connect to the original link ( any more. I get the page in the screenshot.

I’m not sure if the screenshot will actually get attached here. I clicked on the image icon in the bottom of this entry field and selected the screenshot. Not seeing it here. And now it’s disabled so can’t try again.

Selecting preview and then the image icon again seems to have done the trick. I hope this forum has not been built using Webflow.

I did a search for e-commerce and it spit out 200 links. I’m not sure what the e-commerce course is.

In the meanwhile I started on the 101 course.And it’s absolutely top notch. So, hopefully, where it matters - creating the site itself will be more robust.