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Not Display 4 Photos with Slick.js

Having a little code trouble.

I’ve inserted a slider using slick.js and for the most part is has worked okay. For some reason when I see only one photo display one the screen. It’s supposed to be four display on the screen.

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Hope, this prototype demonstration help:

Hopefully this will help you!

Threw in some extra tips that might be helpful as well! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Noah going to redo everything start over with style but thanks for helpful tips.

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My pleasure @bpweb_webflow! Enjoy your weekend!

You to enjoy your weekend and easter with your family.

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Thank you so much! Cheers!

Hey @Noah-R, I have 2 problem’s the slick slider is not working and container not I created not add left and right margin.

Can you be more specific please?

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I have added the class name on silder element’s and created a div classes called container. I have add auto on left and right to add margin to make it center but don’t see the margin.

Other, I cannot figure out way this slick slider not working.

This is why:

You need the src link from a CDN. You can use this one:
<script src=""></script>

The problem I see in the console saying that Uncaught TypeError: $(…).slick is not a function every time I used slick give me this error message.

It’s because it is looking for a script that does not exist. You cannot upload scripts to Webflow. You can to grab it from a CDN like the one I gave you above.

Where can I find the CDN for slick CSS files

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

Add that in the <head> section!

Thank you, again @Noah-R helpful teaching and guidance. Working now but just not wrap the images but going to figure see what the problem thing might have same thing name wrong lol

Yes, it is hard to help with this 100% through here.