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Not applicable "minimum/maximum height" for element flexbox

Hello, competitors.

I’m not sure what the mistake is. I’m making a responsive design and can’t use “max/min height” with Flexbox element. When I use Block - height is applied.

Maybe it’s something else, but then-what?

It’s quite a complex design. I have little experience in creating responsiveness.

Tell me how best to implement responsiveness to make the design look best on any (desktop) screen?

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Hello, it looks like you may be new to Webflow. Welcome!

I’d recommend restructuring your site to use columns instead of the way you currently have it, that way it will stack on mobile. That being said, I’d also recommend a design change to use a top navigation using the navbar component so that it turns into a responsive dropdown on mobile.

I suggest checking out and watching a bunch of videos at
and to use some new grids!!