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Non-rendered Images until hovered over

I’m getting a strange bug on a set of images on a scrolling carosel.

Once the page loads the images are blurry, but when you hover over them they render fine?

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Am I correct in assuming this issue is visible on If so, please provide a bit more detail on where the section in question lives otherwise we’ll need a link to the site in question.

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Hey Mike,

The current prototype is located at

I’m not sure of the correct area of the forum to post. :frowning:

We’re relatively new to webflow and coming to grips with the features.

No worries at all, thanks for the updated URL for the issue.

Can you please provide the read-only link so I can take a deeper look into the interaction your using for the image marquee? I do see the issue on my end when I preview the site, although it’s a bit hard to diagnose the problem without seeing the details of the animation.