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Non-Hosted Pricing

When I first saw Webflow, I was deeply impressed by the program. Now, after many new features have been added, I am continued to be impressed. However, what stopped me from using it last time and may also this time, is the pricing. It seems all of the plans are focused on sites that you want to host. What about those of us that want to host the site on our own servers? A plan that included no hosted sites, but unlimited (or a set number per month) of exports would be very beneficial. With that, the site should still be there to edit later on, just not public.

While this is good for the customer, it also provides an advantage to the company (webflow). Right now you’re directly competing against giants like Weebly and Wix, as the idea and the end project is virtually the same. What sets you as different is that you allow design exports. If you implete this new plan, it will further the gap between webflow and your average online website creation site, making it more appealing to professional Web Designers and Designers.

So, what does everyone else think? Would you use this plan? Are there any changes you think should be made before/if the plan is implemented? Leave a reply to let me know what you think.

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