Non eCom Product Multi-filter

Good day all, hope you are safe and well.

I am desperately in need of help please. I am looking to add a non eCommerce product multi-filter to a site, but cannot seem to find anything that can help, including Finsweet Attributes.

I have a collection of Level 1 Categories then a second collection of L2 subcategories (for each L1). When you click on an L1 category it reveals the subcategories underneath (as checkboxes) whilst also filtering the results, then when you select an L2 subcategory (checkbox) it narrows those same results further. As below…

Not sure if this is achievable in Webflow or whether it would it be easier to just switch this to eCommerce hosting and turn cart off?

Any help/guidance/tutorials would be much appreciated and I would be more than happy to pay someone to fix this for me as I need to get it out the door asap please.

Thanks for your help.


Here is my public share link: Webflow - Ritmo Office

Hey! Checkout Finsweet Attributes - CMS Filter. If you need help setting it up shoot me a message!

I would just create L1-descriptive filters. So clicking on Desks would show “Desks”. Then clicking operative desks would show your L1-descriptive items “Desks-OperativeDesks”. I hope that makes sense!