No placeholder text in checkout?

I’ve been trying all day to add placeholder text to the input fields in my checkout but it doesn’t seem possible.

Has anyone got this working or is it an intentional omission? I hope it’s not intentional because placeholder text improves ease of use for customers!

I am trying to achieve this with the checkout form! Why has placeholder for the text input been removed for the checkout form on the checkout page?

We need this for a cleaner customisation!!!

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Hello, has anyone found a solution to this?

It’s only possible to do this right now with custom code. Unfortunately I can’t seem to change this either or add in an “Input” element which usually allows placeholders but these can’t be put into Ecommerce elements.

On your e-commerce input fields, go to the Element settings and add in an ID name, e.g. “email”.

Then in your Checkout custom code body, add this:

    $('#IDNAME').attr('placeholder','PLACEHOLDER TEXT');

Repeat the middle line as many times as you need with each Input ID name and placeholder text.

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Solution is found here: