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Nice cool Scroll for webflow


I hate the tipical scroll from explorers. Is there a way to add a nicer scroll on webflow like for ex:


Are you wanting to add these types of scrollbars for your website so your users can see these instead of the default scrollbars?

Have you tried to look at their documentation and add what’s necessary in the custom code? I’m sure you can get some success, but sidebars are very tricky even when you know javascript.

Hi, you can use jquery custom scrollbar. It is easy to integrate with WF:

This is it using webflow:

Extra Custom CSS:

@media screen and (min-width: 991px){  

Nice @topelovely, very nice.
tks for the tip.

You can as well use this if you want to use it multiple times on a page, just give it a unique class or id: