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New website "Split" preview

Hey everyone,

So I wanted to make a new template and though it is currently at a point where I can give you a preview.

I had to play around for a while to get a dynamic hero sequence and though the site doesn’t work on tablet or mobile at the moment they are next on the list!

Discover link




Great site! Like the consistent theme across the whole thing with the stroked boxes - ties everything together really nicely. Would be great to see the site when it is completed!

Well done


Thanks man! It took ages to get it all right!

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Lovely site - really enjoying how the box animations tie everything together. Nice job!

Keep us updated when the mobile version is live, would love to see how you translate it to smaller screens.

Great site, great design concept. The only thing is the facts section. Images are not aligned properly as I can see. Fix that please and it’ll be great ;)

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Oh wow hadn’t caught that - should be better now, thanks!

Great site! Love the recurring stroked boxes. Although they don’t really work well on my phone. Do you see that as well?

One thing: if it’s selling photography services, then you’d better use your own pictures, and not the Unsplash ones :smile:

Good work!

Thanks man!

I have not yet optimised the site for tablet/mobile, I plan too soon though!

It is designed to be a template as opposed to a real site so the images don’t matter too much!


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