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'new TimelineLite' breaks my js function

I have been trying out this simple function in Webflow, but when ever I add the ‘var btTl = new TimelineLite’ the script stops working. Can anyone give me a pointer as to why?

  (function Turbulence() {
  var button = document.getElementById("button_turb");
  var turbVal = { val: 0.000001 };
  var turb = document.querySelectorAll('#filter feTurbulence')[0];
  var btTl = new TimelineLite();
  turb.setAttribute('baseFrequency', '0 ' + turbVal.val);
  button.addEventListener("mouseover", event => {
  // 🧠 your onClick script...
  alert("button clicked");

I’m using it on the button in the footer.