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New Feature: Text Columns

Hi everyone,

Andrew@webflow here. We’re excited to announce a new feature: Text Columns!

You can now divide your layout / text into columns. The setting can be found in the Typography (advanced) section.

The column count setting can be applied directly to a text node or to a parent element. You can place images, paragraphs, headings and more in your columned layout.

Say you have an element (such as the heading) that you want to span all columns. Just select the heading, then set it to span in the column settings section of the Advanced Typography panel.

You can also style your columns by adjusting the gap or set a border between columns. These settings are also found in the advanced column settings panel.

Unfortunately, CSS columns are not supported in IE9 and below, so your content will appear without columns.

We hope you enjoy adding columned layouts to your designs. As always, please send us any feedback and suggestions that come up as you start using this feature.


Hell yeah! A feature I didn’t even know I wanted but will come in super handy. Keep 'em coming!


Feckin’ brilliant boys and girls! Like that one a lot! :smile:


Thank you!
I’ve been wanting a feature like this.
I so appreciate how often all the folks at Webflow roll out new features. Thanks for all your hard work!

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Very cool! I used to do this with custom code but not anymore! Thanks Webflow team.

Neat feature

however, long strings are not cut corrected.
not sure what can be done about this

This is uber cool, just wish IE would get a hint. Evolve or die.

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how about changing the “Read more” to a link if showing the full URL isn’t needed?

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that’s an idea. I guess a visible link is not really needed.
currently displaying the text from an rss scrape now.
could update the script and change embedded url’s to
a short link

thx :smile:


Nice feature never thought about it seems cool will try it out. :smile:


Much appreciated on how fast these updates are rolling out!! You guys must be working extremely hard!

:raised_hands: :clap: :pray:


It’s a nice idea. Unfortunately, with the lack of IE support below version 10 it’s going a long time before it’s feasible to use in a production project for myself. As a lot of corporations still use those unsupported IE browsers due to various reasons, like for example custom software programs that have been built to specifically to work on those, and hence it takes a long time for those businesses to move to more modern browsers.

Here’s the caniuse info on it:

So, I’m still looking forward to new mobile first grid that you are developing with decent browser support. And hope it comes soon.

I was thinking the same thing.

looking at my clients log files… IE (sub v10) has 80% of the traffic to their sites.

I like the new feature… not sure if I can implement it now though :frowning:

but at least I have the option.

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Very nice feature!!!

Interesting, but I’m still waiting for table support. Many times I really do just need a table with headers and columns and rows. There is still such a thing as tabular data. :wink:


hey @andrewngu!
how can i disable the text columns function on mobile devices? i can only reduce the columns to two, but not to only one. that would be a super important feature, as a two column layout looks crap on mobile in portrait. or am i not seeing something which is already there?


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In mobile view type auto and it will revert to a single column


Now that’s something I’m gonna use (y)

thank you so much! that works beautifully!

YOU GUYS ROCK! Keep em coming! Great new stuff! :grinning:

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