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New complete template free for cloning and reuse

Hi Everyone, here is a new template for cloning, I sent it to the marketplace for consideration but it got rejected. Feel free to clone and re-use however you want.

Site link:
Clone Link:



Nice job mate! Really like the fullscreen approach!

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Thank-you for your generosity in allowing us to clone / re-use. Lovely job

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No Problem! Hope you like it and put it too good use!

Very nice !! Curious though, why was it rejected ?

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It was rejected because:

“We’re only looking for unique variations of this design: for another one to be approved it would have to have a couple of unique touches and features that differentiate it from what’s already available and definitely be of higher quality.”

I was thinking about adding to it and resubmitting but in the end just decided to share for free!

I am working on a number of other templates for submission in the future!