New breakpoint appeared. Is it connected to the system wide Designer issue?


I am working on landing page (cannot share link). I did create two custom breakpoints about 2 days ago (1280 and 1920px), but not at 1440px, at least I REALLY don’t remember creating the 1440px. I remember making the decesion that I don’t need additional complexity. And on top, I always create a backup before creating a breakpoint, and I don’t have any backup for this step.

And yet, I do have 1440px breakpoint now(!!)

Everyone knows that Webflow has a site-wide backend issue (the designer is not loading etc). I am wondering if the breakpoint appeared as a result of whatever is happening?

  1. Anybody (especially those of you who have pages with custom breakpoints) has noticed this?
  2. Or was I day-dreaming while working and actually I created it (but I doubt this) ?


I found the issue, pls ignore this post. Thanks