Nested CMS issue - Station, train lines + distance


I know this is solvable but all attempts hit different webflow limitations (especially the 1 nested collection limit :exploding_head:). Your assistance here would be brilliant!

I’m currently working on a real estate website for a company with 5 buildings. On the collection page for each build, i’d like to show the three closest train stations, the walking distance and which train lines.

I’ve tried two things:

  1. A multi-reference link from the building collection to station collection, then a multi-reference link from station collection to train lines collection. That gets me this far (see screenshot), but i’m left with no way to get the walking distance (distance is different for each building)

  2. I can accomplish this with this setup

and the result

but the issue here is that this is three collections and I cannot then work with a map (as per the excellent guide here: [TUTORIAL] Adding several markers on one Google Map from Dynamic Collection - #48 by Jak)

Let me know if you have any bright ideas for how to triumph over website (or my) limitations?


Hey @Jak - Found a lightweight solution for unlimited nested collections with 5+ items on single static pages :wink:. Here is the link to a clonable (incl. short documentation).

Feedback and ideas are welcome!