Nested CMS Card Transitions

Hey hope you can help…

Im a designer working on a new site - Ive got a card transition I need to work up but am unsure how you could hook this up using the CMS.
Im thinking it would need some custom code. I could set this up no problem if the Sub Category links were directing to new pages, but trying to keep all this info in one card seems quite tricky.

Id like a row of multiple cards (Categories) Card Flipper

When you press the card it opens an overlay within the card with a sub category list (Sub Category List) Card Flipper/Flip

When you select a Sub Category it transitions to more info (Sub Category Info) option to go back. Card Flipper/Flip Detail

I think the issues are nesting collections and also how you would open the (Info) from the (List). Is there a way to open a collection page as an overlay?

Hope that makes sense. Any advice on setting up would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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