Nest unlimited collections with jQuery

Hi, i have a project where i need several nested collections. Unfortunately, this is not supported with webflow.

There is a menus collection and a dishes collection.
In the menus collection is a multi reference field to the dishes collection.
I need the data from both collections when displaying them.

dishes collection

menus collection

I solved it as follows:

In the HTML DOM it is displayed as follows:

unfortunately the “div” element is empty

What is wrong with this solution? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community @Tobias_Duelli! :wave:

I can’t speak for the issue you’re running into with your custom solution, however Finsweet has an amazing, free solution (that’s part of a whole suite they offer called “Attributes”) that I strongly recommend using:

The implementation is fairly straightforward, however they do have a nifty automated support tool that you can enable on your project for assistance if you run into any issues :+1: