Negative Numbers on a bar graph

Hi, I have been trying to create a bar graph and have been following this video tutorial
Everything is displaying correctly except for the negative numbers which I would like to go downwards (opposite direction of all the other columns). Does anyone know how to do this?

Hi Katie,

Would plotting the graph from the negative number to the most positive and using the median as the datum work? If it is the case that negative values are displayed as positive values?

Yeah that might work, how would I do that in Webflow?

Not ideal but you could replot values from say -10 to +10 to 0 to 20 and lay out the x axis at 10 on the new values?

In the tutorial I am following there is no place to edit where the axis, so that’s where I’m stuck. I’m still pretty new to webflow

Hi Katie, I’ve not had a chance to watch the video so you’ll hopefully get better advice from other folk in the thread on the workshop. It might be a case of changing the values on the class that controls the layout of the graph to use percentage values for padding / margins / positioning: 50% from top and 50% from bottom of what it is contained in?

Ok I will try that, thanks for your help

You’re welcome, sorry I don’t know the exact solution but someone will!