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Need to click twice before re-opening drop down

SOLVED: Instead of triggerHandler in the custom code’s last line, I needed trigger, because triggerHandler only targets the first element.

My issue is identical to this one in Close dropdown menu

I find the “solution” in Close dropdown menu - #14 by Jd_Bothma as promising but I can’t quite figure out the “right” code to make it work.

This is my code:

       $(".navigation").css("z-index", "");

It works perfectly on the first item on mobile “Services”, but still has the “two clicks” needed for all other submenus.

PS I wrote my code prior to seeing the “solution” in Close dropdown menu - #14 by Jd_Bothma, and added that last line (triggerHandler) from that solution.

My guess is that something to do with “this.$element.find” is key, but I cannot figure out how to translate my method to that. In other words, I didn’t use “this.$element” elsewhere, and don’t know how to re-write it as such.


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