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Need suggestion on browser compatibility testing

In my company every 6 months ( after release )we are asked to do browser Compatibility testing on all latest versions of Browsers(IE,Chrome and Firefox). I download the latest versions of IE,Chrome and Firefox and do manual testing in all 3 browsers (page by page ) by comparing all 3 browsers side by side . I do so for testing my whole application and it takes around 40-60 hrs . I looked for many browser testing tools and they have text box to enter url . How this will work if application url has login page and i need suggestion for a tool that will allow user to pass user credentials and test in all browsers and also test all pages.Do they need to pass each and every url of the page to test each page? Any other suggestions to reduce my testing time here?

My company uses “Tosca” from Tricentis to perform automated testing on websites.

It can automate user login, multiple browsers, mobile devices.

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