Need help with some unwanted horizontal scrolling

Hi, please help me with the issue I can’t figure out. I have a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of my page and want to remove it, could someone who is familiar with CSS or JS help me to solve it? Thank you in advance!

Here is my link:

Hello @Igor_Wise,

Can you please give us a WF Share link so we can take a look ?

sure, here it is:

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Hum weird @Igor_Wise I don’t have the issue on both safari and chrome (in the designer and in the published version).
Did you solved it by yourself ?

No, I didn’t do anything, I work on Windows in Chrome, but the scrollbar is still there…

Could it be that something at the top is not fitting correctly, and the overflow is going to the bottom?

May be, I’ve searched but haven’t found what stuff doesn’t fit… I also thought that it may occur because of some interactions…

Hum strange @Igor_Wise now i see the issue…

Seems to appear only on your published site.
Can you please try to put interaction none on cont 3D and publish to see if it’s what is causing the problem ?

Hi, Zbrah!
Now this interaction is off, could you please check?

Great @Igor_Wise i don’t have the horizontal scroll anymore.
Do you ?
If not it means it’s your 3D interaction

Header code

body, html {
   overflow-x: hidden;

A good practice would to identify which move interaction is causing the horizontal overflow and address it.

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Thank you! But the problem still exists ((

I still have horizontal scroll, it is a mystery )
And the code below didn’t help also…

body, html {
overflow-x: hidden;


I wish i could help but i’m lost here, plus the bug doesn’t appear all the time for me (for example right now no horizontal scroll on Chrome, mozilla, Safari and Safari dev :open_mouth:
But horizontal scroll on @vincent computer :flushed:

okay, huge thank you for your participation anyway) we’ll dig further…

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Hey @Igor_Wise You put the code in the wrong place and forgot to wrap the code in style tags.

Like so;

body, html {
overflow-x: hidden;

Then put it in the before body (first area) custom code in your dashboard. See below;


Yes, that worked! Thank you so much.

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I never, ever thought about limiting the overflow on the body to x…

Good job!

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Yes that man solved the problem globally! :slight_smile: Many Thanks everyone!

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Welcome and Thanks. :grin: