Need Help with Shopify Buy Button Embed Issues on Custom Domain

Hi fellow Webflow experts and users,

I’m encountering a puzzling issue with embedding Shopify’s Buy Button app on my Webflow site, and I’m hoping someone here might have some insights.

Here’s the situation: I’ve been using embed codes for the Shopify Buy Button app without any issues. However, after setting up a new custom domain (, the Buy Buttons behave inconsistently – sometimes they appear on the page, and sometimes they don’t. Most of the time, they’re not visible, but after multiple page refreshes, they may reappear. This issue initially seemed specific to my domain, but now I’ve noticed it happening on the Webflow domain associated with my site as well.

I’m certain there haven’t been any changes on the code side, which makes this even more perplexing. Interestingly, the button appears more frequently on the Webflow domain than on my custom domain.

Note that there are 9 different Buy Buttons across the site, and all are experiencing the same problem within the Overflows of the site.

Checking the Browser Console, I noticed that the times it does not appear an error comes up (which I attach as a photo). As already mentioned this does not happen all the time.

Here is my site Read-Only: http://(

This is a time-sensitive project, so I’m eager to resolve this as soon as possible. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of issue or any suggestions on what might be causing it?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Best regards,


Hi Valerio,

Your published link above doesn’t work. However I’ve found your site, and here are a couple of thoughts-

  • The button is appearing fine for me, and I haven’t been able to make it fail in my initial test, which is good but also doesn’t help find your intermittent failure issue.
  • Buy now buttons are script generated and load after the page. If there’s anything wrong with your shopify account ( e.g. non-payment, mis-configuration ) they disappear. Here it’s appearing so I think that’s all good.

Things that could possibly cause intermittent interference, just a brain-dump for you to look into.
These are loosely in the order I’d investigate;

  1. Local browser cache issues perhaps, just old or malformed data that occasionally trips up Shopify’s scripts. Try clearing your cache, and also try reproducing this problem on another computer
  2. Possibly cookie-suppression, something problematic in your cookie confirm setup. Disable it, try to reproduce the problem.
  3. Other scripts on your page. The intermittency could be related to some randomness in async execution order.
  4. Network interference, e.g. GDPR blocks that occur on request. Intermittency could be related to taking a different network route and then hitting some issue with a blocked / modified file.
  5. Computer issues / browser issues / network issues, same approach as #1

Thank you for your help! I might have found the solution. I think that it has problems with the Cookies Banner from Iubenda (
I’ve removed the cookie banner and it seems that the problem is solved. If this was the case, what would you suggest to do? Because I still need to implement Cookies in my website

Hi @Notsonerd , Harry here founder of Looop.
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I would encourage you to give Looop a try and reach out if you need any help.

Also here is a demo Shopify x Webflow build -