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Need help with Nvabar over lapping

Hello everyone,
I am facing issue with the navbar, Navbar is under the text and image used in the webpage. i believe its a small issue and only needs a small change, can some one please look into this matter and please help me

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @OGpmc, these are all the settings you need:


Thank you tom but i came across another problem, i have attached the image, please have a look

Thank you

What I did was:

• remove the z-index style
• remove the bottom margin (was: 100 px)

and on top of that:

• I checked the ‘Disable scroll offset’ so that all your contents are always beneath the nav bar.

I hope this answers your question?


Hi tom, thanks for the suggestion but the the problem still remains. please have a look at the link


Hi @OGpmc, could you share another screenshot or screencase, showing where the styling issue is? Thanks in advance!

Hello dave,
Thank you for your help, the issue was solved i just had to change the z index value.

Thanks once again

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