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Need a video big thumb that plays on hover and links on down to another page to play video big pls help

Im a newbie and just abandoned Muse, where I have my issue working, but I though Id do the site in web flow . I have a lot to learn and although the docs are great theres a great deal I don’t know

secondly I want to know how to get this to work on a phone

If I can get this aspect of the web site working the rest Im sure I can work out as its pretty simple

I have worked out how to get a local movie to play on from my url or a vimeo movie to play and auto play and loop
I don’t really know much html or anything so have a bit to learn and one of the items on the forum I found when I copied and pasted the code it didn’t like it

Third question whats the best language to learn or start to learn to use with web flow ? as I see people talking about java script and html im a designer but realise I need to know a bit to get anything out of web flow for anything ore complicated like roll over videos