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Need a Teacher (Paid)!


** I have found a teacher to help me. Thank you everyone! **

I’m new to Webflow, previously used to Wordpress front end theme builders and the like. I’m loving the way it works so far but I keep coming to roadblocks. I would love to pay someone $20 an hour to help me with my current project.

Simply put, I need to create a procedural form for lead generation.
Here’s what I have so far:

I was trying to copy this build here:

Thanks so much for reading!

Work phone: 6152666290
Cell Phone: 6159168337

Hi @Michael_Foster

I can help

PM sent



actually, Frank. I didn’t recieve a PM. Please email me at some work examples and a good phone number to reach you by as well as a time to duscuess a possible first session.

Hi Michael,

Sending you an email message.

Teresa :slight_smile:

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I sent you again please check if you didn’t receive then send me an test email to

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Hi Teresa, would you be able to help me with something similar?