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Need a freelancer to start off my webflow project

Need our site to have the same integration as on the hero image. But instead of just images, we will also want to integrate video in the future. If interested please let me know :slight_smile: I would like to hop on a skype call and discuss.

I don’t see any integration necessary for the hero in Webflow. All you have to do in the slider with the slider arrow is put the left to 50vw and the right to 50vw and then make the cursor on Hover an arrow to the direction it assists to. Fairly easy I would say. :wink:

Sent you a message :smile:

Lol want to take a stab at it and ill pay you for the bounty? haha

Sure, it probably will take like 20min max. I’m not on my iMac right now though, I’ll try to recreate it tomorrow morning for you. :wink:

@Shea_Lewis If things don’t work out for you by tomorrow please let me know and I’ll do this for you for the bounty :wink: