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Neat Pattern Text

Hi everyone!

I’d like to show you some interesting pattern text! The color and size can of course be customized.

Enjoy. :wink:

View here:
Clone here:


Ok, that’s cool, now see if you can do it purely inside webflow :slight_smile:

It is definitely possible using overflow:hidden boxes and a munch of looping interactions, you could build an alphabet even :smile:


Will do @Arthur, but I have some other projects to finish first. :wink:

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Love it!. I am learning a lot from seeing your work ! I know this is using an embed code but this has opened up a world of possibilities and I have enjoyed exploring how you did it this weekend. Even had a sleepless night until you posted the code and I could see the answer. Please keep up the sharing in this community.

That’s great to hear @zorro7120, I am working on a Sandbox page to combine all of these into one site. Stay tuned. :smiley: