Navigation visible on scroll up

Is it possible to have a navigation bar only show when you scroll back up the page, as can be seen here:

and here:

FYI, I can’t seem to get this working Display Nav on scroll up

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put my code in the custom code area for

change the classname of “.navbar” to whatever you named your navbar.

There are two areas for custom code, where do you suggest it goes? Also the code you suggest causes some errors when adding it, see below, this happens in both head and body tags.

Hi @drushton, you need to wrap your script into tags like

<script>...code goes here ...</script>

And put that in the Before Body tag, so you will wrap everything from the document.ready function to the end of that script in the script tags.

Try that, and then see if you still have the issue. Cheers

Hi @cyberdave, code errors are ok now but the code doesn’t seem to work, is there a different way f implementing this without custom code? i.e. can it be done within the tools of webflow?

Just a bump to see if anyone else can help?

sorted it, it seems there needs to be some default properties of the .navbar element to make this work.

Fixed position, top:0; and then to get the transition working put a default time transition on .navbar

Thanks for your help with this!

Can’t get this to work! I put the code in head code and changed the .navbar to my nav bar’s name. Anything else?