Navigation Tabs

Hey All! I’m new to webflow and the community, I wanted to build my site in webflow today but something that keeps stumbling me is the navigation.

Is there a way to have a tab system like this in webflow?

Hey Shane,

Welcome to the community! :clinking_glasses:

Just to clarify - is the with the 3 dots at the bottom of the screenshot what you are looking to achieve? So ultimately, the content within the hero section (grey area) would change according to the tab? :smiling_face:

If so, this is definitely possible with Webflow. I think the “Slider” element is probably the best option for you here and is pretty much a ready-baked version of this design. Here’s the University lesson on this element that will give you an overview and will walk you through how to set it up: Slider | Webflow University

There’s also the Tabs element that might be useful as well: Tabs | Webflow University

Otherwise, you could always look at building one from scratch too. I wasn’t able to find a tutorial that shows the exact same thing, but here’s a great tutorial from PixelGeek that would be helpful in getting you started: Building a custom slider in Webflow [Tutorial] - YouTube

A quick tip as well - when using most ‘pre-made’ elements in Webflow that rely on interactions/animations such as Navbars, Sliders, Lightboxes etc, it’s generally best to keep the same element hierarchy (i.e. try and avoid rearranging the elements inside them). Since changing this will often break functionality and can be tricky to troubleshoot :hammer_and_wrench:

Hope this helps :pray: