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Navigation Menu is All Kinds of Boinked

Despite the navigation menu on my website being a symbol, it changes from-page-to-page:

First, the logo’s and “hamburger’s” positions change, especially noticeable on the smallest mobile version. What is causing this?

Second, the drop down menu opens completely off screen for the smallest mobile version. The other versions are fine. What is causing this?

Third, in all mobile versions, the current tab is smaller in height than the rest. What is causing this?

I just want the menu to be fixed and consistent…like all menus should be. It’s so frustrating…I would pay someone to fix it at this point…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I was able to fix all the issues except one. The mobile menu is opening completely off screen on my mobile phone. When I open it in a very small safari window on my desktop though, it opens as it should. What is cause this? Any help?

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