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Navigation Menu Help

So I’ve gotten myself into a flow of mistakes on my navigation bar. In my nav container I’ve tried to push my social media links to the other end, but instead they’re stacked on top of each other. For mobile, I’ve tried to place my social media with the rest of the navigation, when I hit ‘Open Menu’ for the menu button but that changes their position in the desktop view.

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It looks like because you added the social links as a font that perhaps doesn’t have proper spacing or something the link blocks dont think they have any volume. If you make each link block set to something like Size>Min W:20px Min H: 20px they will not overlap.

Looking at the arrangement of everything in the Nav tab, you can see that the social links areent included the the nav container. I’d take them out of the div they are in and just drop them alongside the links in there. That will make them included in the hamburger mobile menu. Use flexbox and other controls needed to style them to match.