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Navigation mega menu by hover

I need a mega menu in navigation bar like this example but i did it not get solved:

i have problems with the hover effekt. the tabs open only by click and not by hover.
share link:

can you please repost your read-only link? the one you provided does not work

here is the link:

it looks like you already figured it out.

did you still need assistance?

No sorry. I want that when the dropdown menu opens the user does not have to click on the tab links to open the tab content with links. the menu should open by mouse over like in this example page. I want the same navigation like in this example:

Good evening @Bettina_Lucas, what you will need to do is set an interaction on the tab link “electrodes.” Set its trigger as “hover” to effect a different element which is “tab pane electrode.” I set it to display block with a 1000ms transition. On hover out, I set it to wait 500ms then display none with a 1000ms transition. It looks OK but you can set it to display however you want. Once you do this though you will need to set an interaction on the tab panes to keep it displaying block so long as you are hovering over it. You can take a look at my project where I do something similar with a megamenu.

Thanks a lot. This i fixed.

And how can i put a hyperlink to each tab link in the tab menu?

There is now also a problem in tablet and smartphone view. I want that the open tab pane is directly under the current tab link and not under the tab menu…

Here is a new share link

Your preview link is not working. Try reposting.

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