Navigation links disappeared - portrait tablet view

I am working on making it responsive. When it in portrait tablet view the navigation links disappeared and I couldn’t work out why it disappeared.

Would appreciate if it is solved.



Could you share the read only link:


It’s trying to swap those links to the mobile menu icon.

Just open the nav menu settings and turn off the menu icon across all screens you want it removed from.

Also are you Brisbane based? Noticed the Mt Gravatt :smile:

Ah, I see, thanks. I am trying Webflow out.

Haha, yeah, I am based in Brisbane :grinning:

Ah welcome then man! Will be a bit tricky at first, but promise it will be worth the effort.

Are you a freelancer? I’m gabba so that event is just around the corner, was weird to see :rofl:

Jump on the community discord if you have it installed!

Hey again,

Can you please help me with another responsive thing. Here is the link.

In the hero section I am trying to get the semi-transparent box to fit with the mobile size.

In addition, I am trying to stack up the columns when it is in the mobile view, but the setting seems not to work.

Appreciate your help.