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Navbar's links don't get highlighted with scrolling

My website has two pages, home and projects. It works totally fine on the home school. I open the navigation bar, I click on a link and it scrolls down to a section and the link in the navigation bar gets highlighted as pink indicating that I am on the correct section.

This highlighting feature does not work on my projects page. Whenever I select a link from the nav bar on the projects screen, it scrolls to the right section but the nav bar’s item doesn’t get highlighted as pink. I used the correct section ID for the linking references. However, if you try it out, you would see that the contact link actually works on the projects, “Contact” gets highlighted, but it doens’t work for “Voluny” and “iMovies” when I click on those links or scroll to those sections.

Here’s my read-only project, when you open it, look at the projects page.

Hi @zaza23

I think the issue here is the size of the sections on the projects page.

If you make these sections slightly larger (about the same size as the portfolio section on the home page) you’ll be able to see the current state as expected:

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