Navbar symbol shifting on different page


I’ve got a problem with my Navbar. Whenever I shift from the pages “Home” to “Over” the navbar shifts to the right just a tad. I can’t figure out what causes this, is there any chance someone could help me out? : )

Thanks in advance!


Here is my site Read-Only:

Live link:

Looks fine to me. I don’t see any shifting.

Also you may want to set your nav links to go to the page instead of external urls.


thanks for your comment!
You’re right. What happend was, when I go to ‘over’ there was no scrollbar as the page wasn’t big enough to scroll. The width of the scroll-bar was gone on the ‘over’ page so when I went from ‘home’ to ‘over’ the whole page shifted to the right. I feel like a web noob now hahaha.

(made sure to fix those nav-links :slight_smile: )

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