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Navbar overlapping content on seperate lines?


Can someone please explain why my content in the nav bar goes on top or above one another rather than collapsing to the hamburger icon while keeping inline?

Sits like this in some viewing sizes…

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Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Jureaka

Hi @Kyle_Wright set your container 19 to flex to be able shrink accordingly to width.

When using WF container be aware that it has predefined max-width to only 960px. IMO it is not wise to use it in these days as web-design have moved forward from this 2010 “standard 960 grid/width”, you can use standard div instead and change its HTML tag in element setting. Or if you willing to use it you can write simple custom CSS to overrule its basic predefined setting.


If I change it to flex im left with the following

and it still doesn’t resize any differently?

hi @Kyle_Wright I do not know why you are getting these results as when I change it to flex it works.