Navbar only visible from second section, not hero section

Hi there,

I just started building my own website with webflow and have a problem positioning the navbar as I want it to be.

In the finished website the navbar basically should be placed on top of the second section, not on top of the hero section. So when someone enters the site there is just the logo on top and a picture slider. Below that the navbar shall be placed. Plus I would like to make use of the interaction “page trigger” from there on - so the navbar disappears when I scroll down from the second section and pops back up when I scroll up again. The difficulty seems to be fixing the navbar on top of the second section so the “page trigger” doesn´t apply to the hero section.

Since I couldn´t find a solution fixing the navbar on top of the second section, to be able to add the “page trigger”, I created two navbars. One on top of the hero section which I made invisible throughout the hero section (so I have a fixed position for this navbar) and added the “page trigger” to disappear scrolling down and reappear scrolling back up. A second navbar on top of the second section because I want the navbar to always be visible as soon and as long the second section is in view/visible. From the second section downwards it works fine. The problem is that the “page trigger” also applies to the hero section which I don´t want. So scrolling up and down wihtin the hero section makes the navbar appear and disappeaer, but the navbar shall not be visible there at all. In preview mode of my site my written explanations hopefully show themselves

I hope there is anybody who can help. I was just trying to fix the problem with two navbars. Might have built a total mess, I don´t know. Just tried to find a solution… Hope there is any.


Hi @Lara

I think you forgot to add your read-only link :wink:

It sounds like you are trying to do something similar to this, built with the legacy interactions (I think you can achieve it with either those or the new version Interactions 2.0)


I just put the link back in :slight_smile:
Do you mind taking a look? The links you sent me don´t exactly fit. I was able to fit these interactions in. But the navbar still appears in the hero section when scrolling back up…?? That might be because I put two interactions in. One so the navbar starts appearing after the hero section and the second for the scrolling interaction (which also applys to hero section - that´s why it´s not really working I guess…).

Basically the navbar is not supposed to be visible, in any case, in the hero section. Any solution for that?