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Navbar Link Current Active State

hey Webflow heroes and heroines!

i’m stumbled by a little hiccup with my navbar. for some reason the state for my “Contact” text button link is persistently active/current, even though the “current” state/styling is applied to the actual current page.

any hawk-eyed diagnosis there will be most appreciated! it could be something really small i’ve overlooked.

thanks all!


Here is my public share link:

Looks like you just forgot to apply the interaction to the contact navlink. Easy way to fix this:

  1. Click on the Highlights navlink
  2. Click on the mouse hover interaction and scroll to the trigger settings at the very bottom
  3. Set it to Class instead of Element. Then the interaction will affect all the navlinks
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hey there Ali!! you’re a hero!! problem solved!! WOOHOO! :dancing_women:‍♀ danke, merci, xie xie! :slight_smile:

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