Navbar layout is off on one page, fine on all the others

My Navbar is too far to the left on my Home, but not on any other pages. It is a symbol, so i’m not sure why it’s not looking right on just one page.

Home (with improper spacing)

About Us (or any other page on the site with proper spacing)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Here’s the live site:

Hey @CampingGirl, you have this set on your current nav item:


Whereas, when you are on the Gear page for instance, you don’t have the “current” selector overriding the left margin:


Just remove the Auto margin in your nav symbol:


Thank you @sam-g! That was it.
I had to change it to 30px Left Margin once I removed Auto for the Current selector and now it looks perfect

@CampingGirl, glad you got it worked out. One thing I’ll say is that your logo doesn’t need to be a “nav link” meaning that it probably should be part of your navigation container, but not a part of the actual site nav. That would remove it from having the “current” selector be an option at all.

@sam-g aaah, gotcha. Thank you!