Nav link color won't change no matter what


I’m trying to change the color of the active nav link to white, but it keeps overwriting somewhere and becoming blue. It’s only happening on the mobile version. I’m building out from the Terminal template.

Anyone know what to do?

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Hey @danieljetsport,

that’s because you assigned this color to all Current links.

The “Current” state, because it is a combo class, always overrides the main class.
So if you want to change the color on another breakpoint, you have to do it via the Current state.

Here is a screenshot:

I hope this helps you.

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Hi Dennis,

Danke. It seems that the green “Current” state is not showing no matter what for me. I assume there is conflict somewhere?

Edit: It seems it helped to remove all the links and completely remake them. It works now.

Thank you for the help Dennis. Much appreciated.

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Glad I could help @danieljetsport.

However, I’ve noticed something a little bit strange. When you look at the tablet view and open the mobile menu and select the link, “Current” is not displayed. When the menu is closed and you select the link in the Navigator on the left, it works as expected. Strange.

And never forget, to edit a Current link, you must always be on the page / in the area that this link goes to.

Happy weekend and welcome to forum!