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Nav is not functional on dynamic pages


Our team designed a dynamic page for a social media calendar where we have a grid and populate all dates of the calendar; however, the nav bar on those dynamic pages does not function properly. It’s not an issue with absolute because we don’t have any element like that on that page. Any help would be highly appreciated! read-only link: Webflow - RxLocal

I quick peek and I suspect you have an issue with interactions on that page. Maybe this helps point you in the right direction.

@Johanna_Torres - I circled back to this to take a deeper look. To debug the NAV symbol, I removed all the other elements on the template. Still would not work. I removed it and added it back to this template and still no luck. I then went to a blank template in the project and added the NAV symbol to it, it worked fine. Based on this I suggest you open a trouble ticket with Webflow, as I suspect there is a bug in your project.