Nav Bar Link Bug/Problem

Hey guys,

So I’m having a minor issue with my navbar, I literally can’t figure it out.

I have these animated red lines which appear under the navlink buttons when you hover over them, when you click on the page the red line appears permanently to help you undertsand which page you are clicked on. However, for some reason (see image below) the red line under ‘IG Workshop’ stays there even when I am on the homepage? I cant seem to make this red line consistent with the others? why does this line act differently & appear at all times?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Enver_Mehmet,

looks like you haven’t added your hover interaction to hat link.

add the interaction as per the other links and it will work as intended.

Hope that helps,

Legend! thank you @knk, it works now.

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