Nav Bar Change Font Color on Hover

Hey all,

I’ve been looking at plenty of Webflow resources and have found nothing on this topic. I essentially want to create a color change interaction on a Nav Bar as it’s scrolled down the page.

Setting the font color disables a hover state. This means that while my Nav Bar can change colors, there is no color change on hover. Moreover, I would really like if the hover state could change to a different color. I’m betting this would have to be achieved with 2 separate coloured nav bars on top of each other using an opacity and hide/show interaction.

See this page to see exactly what I’d like to happen: Live Chat — Add Online Chat widget to Webflow websites (free and easy)

Please send me any resources for building this and if you could make or atleast explain how a low-fi version of it would work, that would be so great!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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