Nav bar behind slider

I’ve been staring at this project for several hours trying to figure out how to fix this. When I use the dropdown nav bar in tablet mode (or smaller) the Slider is above the nav bar. I’ve tried changing the position on both the slider and nav bar and nothing has worked. Can someone figure out how to fix this?

Also on the left hand side in the full monitor view there is a small sliver of negative space that I can’t seem to eliminate. Any suggestion?

Thanks, Alice

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First, do not change the structure of the default navbar - so drag-drop the image (logo) inside the container


Next, change navbar to relative (like deafult!) and add Z-Index value



Topic 2

add screenshot of the problem

Also remove this (weird style) - and work with posetive margin/padding/max-width and so on

And if you want on desktop x-large container try this

See her how to build sites (You work with a lot of not correct styles and ideas - find examples of building web sites // landing pages)