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Nav bar active link with symbol on it

Hi everyone

I was wondering webflow can make active nav link to show a symbol underneath the nav bar, I know hover, focus in their state, but I did not see the active one, so just wondering can I do that in webflow or I should use CSS + JS.

One more question is, my hamburger nav bar show up on the desktop for some weird reason, does anyone know how to get rid of?

Thank you all so much!
Have a good one!


Hi @Madebymt

When the navlink has a green class next to it ‘current’ you could style that navlink for example with a bottom border line, then any navlink will have the line when it is the ‘current’ one.

Try selecting the hamburger element and changing which displays it is visible on in the settings…

If you need us to take a deeper look, you will need to share your preview link :slight_smile:

Hope that helps

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